How Axispoint scales to meet your enterprise development needs

Program Level Oversight

In circumstances where multiple teams and work streams exist within an overall development plan, Axispoint staff key senior roles that have oversight and contact across the teams.

This usually consists of Program Management, Program Architect, and Program Analyst roles.  Our client will appoint a peer for each. These roles are not necessarily full time roles and often shared by individuals with other responsibilities within a specific development role/team. Local US-based resources typically staff these Program Level roles.

A Core Team That Can Be Supplemented With Specialists

Another major feature of Axispoint’s approach is the recognition that, while there is a core agile team that is engaged with the project on a daily basis, the team must also have ready access to expertise to supplement its core competencies.

For example, the team will include a competency in database development. However, there will be times when deep experience in database configuration and optimization is required.

In these cases, a specialist with the requisite background and skills can be called in to temporarily augment the team. Axispoint maintains an extensive pool of talented and experienced individuals who can mobilize quickly to supplement the team as needed.