Examples of Client Success

Examples of Client Success


From a Fortune 500 financial institution over a leading real estate company to a global music publisher.

• Designing a process for the rationalization of an extensive applications portfolio for a Fortune 50 financial institution resulting in immense cost savings and operating efficiencies. 

• Developing first of a kind and complex architectural software, empowering a leading real estate company to better plan and acquire properties, providing a significant competitive advantage.

• Building a Facebook-like social media platform that allows a closed organization of over 22,000 members to engage, collaborate, share ideas and opportunities, and help drive value. 

• Building a unique, game-changing app that allows content producers to watermark, brand, and copyright-protect photos and videos instantly. 

• Building the first worldwide deals-based music publishing system for two of the four largest global music companies, which revolutionized the way the industry conducts business.