T2 Computing Becomes Premier NY Source for Bay Microsystems’ Technologies

T2 Computing Becomes Premier NY Source for Bay Microsystems’ Technologies



T2 Computing Becomes Premier New York Source for Bay Microsystems’ Technologies

NEW YORK, May 25, 2017  - T2 Computing, Inc., an Axispoint company and a leading workflow, computing, storage and support provider to Media and Entertainment enterprises announces the signing of a Reseller and Support Agreement with Bay Microsystems. With the signing of the agreement, T2 Computing becomes the premier New York area supplier for the Bay Microsystems MaxDX™ and FX Series product lines.

Max Data Xchange™ (MaxDX) is designed to unleash the value of data assets by maximizing available bandwidth, minimizing data replication and data transfer between locations, resulting in optimal performance and operational efficiencies. It empowers organizations to streamline distributed workflows, improve productivity and enhance collaboration using data in place.

“As media workflows are evolving to embrace a hybrid cloud approach, technology that delivers very high speed WAN extension allows content creators to leverage assets in various locations as if they were local.” says Jerry Gepner, CEO of T2 Computing, Inc. “The Bay Microsystems technology enables production, editing and distribution of high quality content without regard to resource location; whether that resource is skilled creatives or centralized storage systems. T2 is very excited to bring this technology to our customers.”

Bay Microsystems, based in San Jose, CA, has a long history of designing technologies to speed and enhance data transfer. Since 2006, the company’s innovative offerings have made complex, distributed applications possible by increasing the value, accessibility and management of an organization’s data.

“The digital media and entertainment market is rapidly emerging as a critical vertical market for Bay’s suite of products given the large amounts of data that need to be shared between geographically distributed resources.”, stated Harry Carr, CEO and President of Bay Microsystems, Inc. “We are excited by the opportunity to collaborate with T2 and Axispoint to make our products part of their solutions for this expanding and constantly evolving marketplace.”

For more information about T2 Computing and Axispoint, visit: www.t2computing.com/services and www.axispoint.com

About T2 Computing, Inc.

T2 Computing is a New York-based creative technology VAR that specializes in workflow, storage and infrastructure solutions for all aspects of the media and content creation industry. T2 Computing brings extensive product knowledge and world-class engineering to the media and entertainment industry, allowing it to be a comprehensive solution provider. T2 Computing’s experience allows it to offer excellent system design and product sales, coupled with factory authorized Apple repair and custom configured Apple products and post-production systems for rental and temporary peak demand needs.

About Axispoint, Inc.

Axispoint’s team of passionate consultants and developers create technology solutions for leading businesses and their customers around the globe. As the “Heavy Lifters of Innovation,” we leverage human ingenuity, develop strategies, and build applications that empower our clients to evolve, grow, and shape the world according to their own vision. Our technology consulting and custom application development services enable companies to be agile, competitive, and innovative. Established in 1994 and headquartered in New York City, our talent pool is diverse and global, with technologists and developers across the US, Europe, and South America. We have been delivering award-winning solutions to our clients for over 20 years.

For more information about Bay Microsystems, visit:

About Bay Microsystems, Inc.

Bay delivers groundbreaking technology to enhance the value of data for commercial enterprises (e.g., media & entertainment, life sciences, cloud service providers and financial markets) while fueling mission agility within the federal government. Bay’s proven, unique solutions provide the means to collaborate across global teams with increased productivity, revenue and operational efficiencies by taking distance out of data.

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