Axispoint CEO, Dan DiSano, Joins Lehigh University Blockchain Panel

December 4, 2018 - Lehigh University hosted a panel of experts to explore one of the biggest trends in the fintech space – blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing traditional business and government practices across a wide range of applications. Axispoint’s President and CEO, Dan DiSano, provided an insider’s view into this exciting, fast-paced sector of technology. “There are numerous robust use cases for blockchain where customers want transparency, clarity, immutability, efficiency, improved transaction and payment processing, reduction of middlemen, and so forth. Including practical blockchain solutions with our core software development expertise, Axispoint has enhanced its ability to guide our clients to the most effective technology solution by incorporating practical blockchain technology with our core software development expertise,” said DiSano.

As an established enterprise software delivery firm, Axispoint has launched a full-service blockchain development practice with the objective of being a leading blockchain technology provider. Axispoint has deep domain experience in music, media, sports, and technology companies and is currently building innovative blockchain solutions for these industries.

The other esteemed panelists included Eileen Lowry of IBM Blockchain, the CEO of CoinDesk, Kevin Worth, and technology journalist, Mike Orcutt.