T2 Computing and the Sports Broadcasting Fund: Supporting Our Own in Times of Need

T2 Computing and the Sports Broadcasting Fund: Supporting Our Own in Times of Need

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T2 Computing, an Axispoint company and a premier media industry VAR and Service provider is proud to announce a partnership with the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund whereby 1% of the purchase price of all T2 Apple Web Store Mac®, iPad® and iPod® purchases made by those who register below will be donated to the Sports Broadcasting Fund. The Fund, founded by the Sports Video Group, is an industry fund that helps sports, news and other live broadcasting professionals in times of need with financial assistance and other types of support.

“T2 is proud to join with other SVG sponsors and supporters in helping the Sports Broadcasting Fund grow and continue to help those in need,” said Jerry Gepner, CEO of T2 Computing. “The men and women who provide us with the best television in the world deserve our thanks and support – especially in difficult times.”

By signing up, you will receive personal credentials that give you access to the T2 Computing Apple site so you can select from the entire range of Apple products. After you order, you will receive a personal contact from a T2 representative to confirm your order prior to it being processed. Participating in this program will not increase or decrease the purchase price of any qualifying product.

“On behalf of the Sports Broadcasting Fund and those we help I just want to say thanks not only to T2 Computing but also to their customers who register for this important program,” said Ken Kerschbaumer, Sports Broadcasting Fund, general manager. “The Sports Broadcasting Fund is a first-responder in a crisis, providing valuable financial support to help anyone in our industry get through difficult times as a result of injury, death, illness, or other personal misfortunes.”

To learn more about the Sports Broadcasting Fund or to donate or apply for aid please visit www.sportsbroadcastingfund.org today.

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