Major Music Publisher | A Second Act: Global Digital Publishing System

Major Music Publisher | A Second Act: Global Digital Publishing System

This time with a second major publisher seeking to
unlock value within its rights and business process.

As a result of the successes with EMI Music Publishing, Axispoint was chosen in 2013 as the software development partner for a second major music publisher’s multi-year, multi-million dollar enterprise system development initiative to replace an entrenched 20 year old core, global, multi-instance publishing system.  Our client was facing missed revenue, sub-optimal client service, limited visibility into business activities, decentralization (and therefore a lack of master data and global transaction view) and functional limitations, resulting in a competitive weakness.

Axispoint’s local software architects, UX designers and business analysts partnered with our global software developers and quality assurance analysts to develop a new, advanced and robust business management system.  The large-scale effort was implemented by several concurrent development teams using an Enterprise-Agile approach, following industry best practices and resulting in an integrated global platform to manage the end-to-end enterprise needs.

In addition to enabling the ability to adapt to the changing digital music industry and for business growth via a modern technology platform, Axispoint built a game-changing client portal where songwriters, artists, managers and other affiliated parties can manage their copyrights and receive information about their contracts, assets and royalties. It provides dashboard capabilities with robust analysis, data visualization and reporting all in one, on demand and refreshed in real-time.  With this visibility, clients can leverage unique insight into how their assets are performing geographically and over time, providing critical information on and where to improve exploitation for greater profitability.

Tech Stack: The platform was built with a mobile-friendly design implementation and uses cutting edge technologies including: AWS, CloudFoundry PaaS, Java/Spring micro services, NodeJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3 JavaScript, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, D3, Cassandra, OrientDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ and Hazelcast.