A self-standing application using a cloud-native Reactive Architecture and the power of Hyperledger Fabric for a permissioned, trusted, secure Blockchain.

Rytebox uses a Reactive Architecture to fully leverage the power of cloud-native computing at web scale.

In today’s hyperconnected environment, system architecture has evolved to rely on 24/7/365 fully available experiences. Scalability, resilience and self-healing systems are paramount to supporting the expectation of 100% uptime and instant results.

Two critical processes in the music business rely on data exchange and provide major pain-points for all parties involved: rights, and royalties. Blockchain and the RyteBox solution eliminates the data exchange, creating a Royalty Chain for the financial ledger model often thought of for royalties, and enabling consensus of Rights through coordination of all interested parties of an asset.

An on-chain / off-chain model to maximize performance and scalability

By selectively leveraging blockchain for the data which requires transparency and trust we can achieve the performance required for the current and future state of the industry. 

How does such large volume of data work with the blockchain? With Axispoint’s experience building systems that scale, we have found the right combination of on-chain vs. off-chain solution, balancing the costs and benefits of both to build the most robust system possible. Numerous industry processes should and will remain off-chain, avoiding the restrictions and overhead of blockchain. 

Machine learning and AI to further results

With the data validated from a trusted data pool, machine learning and AI provides RyteBox with further insight and analytics, helping to ensure complete and correct data and provide increased opportunities around big data.