Matt Howard | Senior Software Architect

Matt is a team and development lead with experience delivering bespoke applications to clients looking to transform their business through technology. Over the last 20+ years he has designed and built software for companies including industry leading music publishers looking to adapt to a rapidly changing market, small startups trying to discover new markets, and retail groups leveraging technology to get a competitive edge. He has been a consultant with Axispoint for almost 10 years, where each new client brings a new set of constraints that demand being a polyglot developer, a fast learner and a good teacher. Matt has built on traditional tech stacks like Java/Spring/Oracle although more recently has been primarily delivering cloud-native NodeJS serverless apps.

In his role at Axispoint his responsibilities often evolve over the life of a project; architecting solutions, documenting designs, building prototypes and proofs of concept, coding heads-down to meet a critical deadline, fixing bugs, planning resources and project timelines, acting as a sounding board to the business, or anything else that is needed to deliver the best product possible. The Agile principles of valuing individuals, collaboration, flexibility and emergent design form the foundation of his approach to software and have proven to be a reliable way of navigating through the most challenging projects.

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