John Fico | Senior Software Architect and MAM Lead

John has been developing software solutions for over 30 years, with 7 years of tenure at Axispoint. Over his career he’s written in many different languages (45 or so last count), with his current focus split between .NET, Java, and JavaScript. He’s worked with many different kinds of databases including Oracle, Microsoft, DB2, and most of the open source solutions (both SQL and no-SQL). John has spent a diverse career that included learning businesses such as music publishing, ATM (money machines) reconciliation, Check Processing, and telephone switch maintenance/billing.

John has run small to large teams of people, focusing on the design and approach of a solution and working closely with other software developers to ensure a high standard of output. Although John’s background is mostly in back end API and large datasets, his familiarity with front end tools such as Angular and Bootstrap allow him to bridge the gap between different types of developers.

John is an engineer at heart, when he’s not coding for Axispoint he’s building software for personal use and has just started realizing the potential of 3D printing.

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